Decode Silicon Valley
Startup Success

We're sorry but the DeCal is no longer accepting applications for Spring 2019. Please come back in a future semester!
Confirmed Speakers.
Michael Seibel
CEO @ Y Combinator
Reynold Xin
Co-Founder @ Databricks
Yu Wang
CEO @ Himalaya Media
Shuonan Chen
General Partner @ Agile VC
Henrique Dubugras
Founder @ Brex
Felipe Chavez
Founder @ Kiwi
Falon Fatemi
Founding CEO @ Node
Cameron Yarbrough
Co-Founder & CEO @ Torch
Kanjun Qiu
Founder @ Sourceress
Mayank Mehta
Co-Founder @ Pulse Q&A
Soujanya Bhumkar
Co-Founder @ Pulse Q&A
Daniel R. Odio
Founder @ Armory

Silicon Valley is the hub for technological innovation and influential startups. As UC Berkeley students, backed by a rigorous curriculum and surrounded by top resources, we have endless opportunities to build the next big thing. But you may be wondering, how do you build a successful company?

This DeCal examines the startup process by breaking it down into 12 aspects. Each class will feature a speaker session where we invite top entrepreneurs and investors from the Bay Area to share with us their insights. Through a semester-long project, students will also have the opportunity to put theory into practice by developing a startup prototype in a small group. The course will teach students the necessary skills to start their own company or to join an early-stage startup.

Prerequisites? None! All majors are welcome!

Learn. Connect. Succeed.
Stand upon the shoulders of giants
Hear from a distinguished group of entrepreneurs and investors who have excelled in their fields and learn what it takes to succeed in Silicon Valley.
Learn the tricks of the trade
Fill your toolbox with time-tested frameworks and methods to help you better identify sources of value and spark the next big opportunity.
Take your ideas to the skies
Engage in a capstone project and gain hands-on experience in creating quality deliverables, sharpen your analytical skills, and strengthen the confidence to create.
Grow to be your greatest investment
Immerse yourself among like-minded peers, embrace new possibilities and knowledge, and watch the world become your oyster.
Counts toward the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology offered by The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology
Course Overview & Policies.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

The course is taken Pass/No Pass (P/NP). Attendance is mandatory and anyone who misses more than two lectures will automatically fail the class. Weekly assignments, the semester project, and the final exam each account for 30% of the final grade, while attendance accounts for 10%. A student needs a total score of 70% to receive a Pass.

Faculty Advisors.
Jesse Dieker
Academic Operations
Victoria Howell
Associate Instructor
A. Richard Newton Series
Course Staff.
Bob Xu
James Cheng
Joe Zhou
Yaxin Lei
Brittany Zhang
Head TA
Zichen Zhao
Head TA
Jerry Li
Core Team
Kelly Chen
Core Team
Evina Wang
Core Team
Core Team
Helen Qin
Core Team
Sophia Shen
Core Team
Seth Lu
Tech Lead
Steven Singorahardjo
Tech Lead
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